The Left toolbar

There are several tools in the Crater Editor that you can use when editing your publication.

See the icons of the left toolbar and their description below.


Click Hotspot to add hotspots to the publication

Click Text to add text

Click Line to draw lines

Click the Rectangle icon to draw a rectangle

Click Oval to draw an oval

Click the Shape icon to open all the shapes available in the editor

Media Panel


Click Image to add images to your publication

Click Slideshow to insert slideshows into the publication.

Click the GIF icon to insert GIF animation into your publication

Click the Video icon to insert videos into your publication

Click YouTube to add Youtube videos to your publication

Click Vimeo to insert Vimeo videos into your publication.

Click Sound to insert an audio player in the publication.

Click SoundCloud to insert a Soundcloud track into the publication

Plugins Panel


Click Web page to embed a webpage in the document.

Click Form to embed a form into the publication and generate more leads

Click Library

Tables can't be imported directly. Please insert an image of your table which can be found here.

Click Library to open all the previously uploaded files.