Create a brochure

As a publisher, you can create a publication from scratch, a predesigned template, or a PDF file. Joomag has more than 300 predesigned templates that can save you some time when preparing a publication. Use the following guidelines to create a brochure using our templates:

  1. On the My Publications page open the collection where you want to create the publication and click the Create publication button.

  2. Click the Create from Template button.
  3. Choose the Brochure from the category list and then select from the available brochure templates.

Note: Click Preview to see how the template looks before selecting it.

4.   Enter the number of pages you are planning to have.

Publications can have maximum 1000 pages. Keep in mind that you can add/remove pages anytime later.

5.   To provide additional details related to the publication creation click More options.

6.   Click the Create Publication button when you’re done


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