Create a publication from a PDF file

You can create a publication from scratch, a predesigned template, or a PDF file. Use the following guideline to create a publication from a PDF file:

  1. On the My Publications page open the collection where you want to create the publication and click the Create publication button.

  2. Make sure you are on the Create from PDF tab.

  3. Click browse files and select the required file from your device or drag it directly to the designated place.

  4. Once the PDF is uploaded you will see general information about it: number of uploaded pages, PDF size and dimensions.

  5. Then you need to choose the layout type (in case your PDF has more than 1 page) and also if you want to specify some information about your publication you can click More Options button.

    Tip: If you are not sure which layout type to choose click here to read more.

  6. Click the Create Publication and Finish button and wait a couple of minutes until the conversion finishes.

To get the best experience your PDF should:

  • have equal-sized pages

  • contain at least 1 page and a maximum of 1000 pages

    • in case you choose the Facing Pages layout type, the PDF should contain at least 3 pages

  • be single-spread

  • have less than 300MB size

    • Enterprise account users are allowed to upload PDFs that have less than 450MB size

Once the conversion is complete you'll find your new publication in the collection. Edit and enrich it with interactive elements.

Learn more about editing the content of the publication.