Provide publication information

You can provide detailed information about your publication in the process of creating a publication or from the settings of an already created one.

Note: In the publication creation process this step is optional.

1. Go to the INFO section of your publication where you provide details in any of the following ways:

  • Click the Edit settings button in the publication if you have already created a publication and want to enter the details.


  • Click the More options button if you are in the process of creating a publication and want to provide more details about your publication before creating it.


2. Enter the publication title, its edition, and description in the relevant fields.

3. Enter keywords, separated by commas, in the Keywords field.

4. Select a Secondary category for your publication in the drop-down menu.

5. Select any or all of the following checkboxes:

  • Make this publication available for download as a PDF file.

  • Allow readers to print out pages of this publication using their printers.

  • This publication contains adult content.

Note: If your publication contains adult content, make sure to select the last checkbox.

6. Click Next if you want to choose a background for your publication.

7. Click the Create Publication and Finish button if you are done.

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