Connect your domain to Joomag account

If you have decided to link your domain to your publications you first need to connect it to your Joomag account.

Important: Make sure your domain points to Joomag's IP address before connecting it to your Joomag account.

To connect your domain name to your Joomag account perform the steps described below:

  1. Open your Joomag Account Settings ⚙ and go to the Domains section

  2. Click Add your domain button

  3. Enter the domain name in the respective field and choose the domain registrar where you purchased your domain, after click Next button

  4. You are almost there. Now move the cursor over the domain and click the Edit button to Activate the domain

    [video-to-gif output image]



💡The connected domain can be linked to several collections.

Click here to see how you can connect your domain to a collection.