Create and Update your publications with Joomag Indesign plug-in

If you are creating your materials with Adobe InDesign, we have a tool that can significantly save your time. The Joomag InDesign plug-in simplifies the process of importing or updating your publications with just a few clicks, all within minutes. Say goodbye to the hassle of exporting your publications from InDesign and manually uploading them to Joomag. Let this InDesign plug-in handle the process for you!

To locate the plug-in, simply log in to the Adobe Exchange marketplace and search for the Joomag plug-in in Creative Cloud. You can also access it directly through this link:

The set-up process is quick and easy. Follow the instructions in this explanatory video:


Note: After installation, please restart your Adobe Indesign before using the extension. You may need to wait for your Adobe Indesign desktop application to sync the integration before it shows up. Once installed, the extension can be found in the following menu location: Window > Extensions > Joomag.

Compatible with InDesign v12.0 or higher