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Customize the system template of your collection

Your readers may receive email notifications from Joomag when they are subscribed to any of your magazines. Those emails can be customized and designed the way you wish and, of course, include your branding.

Note: This feature is available starting from Scale Plan

Below are the subjects of suchlike emails:

  • When a new edition of the collection they are subscribed to goes Live

  • When the person subscribes to your publications (the subscription can be either free or paid)

  • When you send a Single publication campaign through the Email Marketing tool

  • When you send a Complimentary subscription campaign again through the Email Marketing tool

  • When going live with a private publication and notifying specific contacts about that

For each newly created collection, а system template is generated automatically.

Follow the steps to customize templates for your collections:

  1. Go to the Email Marketing section from the left sidebar.


  2. Go to the Email Templates tab.


  3. Navigate to the System templates tab, and then click the Create new custom template button.


  4. In the opened pop-up window, choose the collection for which you want to customize the templates, and then click Create custom template.

    Note: Not customized collection templates aren't displayed in the System templates section. You have to create one by selecting the appropriate collection.

  5. Choose the appropriate template you want to customize.


  6. Enter the email subject.

  7. Select the content block you wish to customize and click the Edit button.

    Tip: Learn more about template editor content blocks.

  8. When you finish customizing the template, click the Save & Close button.

  9. You can find your customized templates under the System templates tab.

    Note: If you want to continue customizing your templates select Edit and if you want to discard the changes select Delete.