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Better branding personality on your email campaigns

When you send an email for your organization, you want your recipients to read it. For that to happen, your email needs to be delivered, and your recipients need to identify the mail as valuable and worth reading. Of course, you need to provide valuable content in the email itself, but there is more to it: If the email is not clearly branded and identifiable as being from the entity that the recipient signed up to get an email from, recipients are likely to ignore your mail, or, worse, hit the “this is spam” button.

As such, it's essential that you clearly align the emails you send with your organization by following the best practices outlined in this blog post.

Before we begin…

First make sure that you are only sending mail to people who signed up to receive email from you directly, not addresses you acquired in any other way. For more information on this topic, please refer to our dedicated article here.

Clearly aligning your emails with your organization

If you are sending an email to people who signed up to receive mail from example.com, then the following should always be true: 

  1. The “From” address of the email should be @example.com. The “From” address is the address from which you send the emails. This is the email address or domain you verified in your Joomag account.
  2. The email itself should clearly be branded as a message from example.com. Small text in a footer is not sufficient. A good example of branding is to prominently display the logo of example.com in the email.
  3. The email should include a reminder of why the user is getting the message. For instance, you could include a sentence such as “You signed up to get mail from example.com on March 24, 2015.”
  4. Avoid using dummy text. When it comes to sending emails for your business, it's super important to keep things professional. One thing to avoid is using dummy text (like lorem ipsum) in your emails. It might seem like an easy way to fill space, but it makes your emails look lazy and not serious. Instead, take the time to write real, interesting stuff that your readers will actually care about. This not only makes you look good but also helps you connect better with the people getting your emails. Plus, spam filters might flag it as suspicious.

To ensure your email marketing is effective, it's crucial to keep your sign-ups, "From" addresses, and branding aligned. By doing so, you'll be on the right track to success!

The information provided in this article is sourced from a blog post by AWS.