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Anti-Spam guide for email marketing

Anti-Spam guide for email marketing Alla Poghosyan

Joomag provides its users with email marketing services so that publishers have the opportunity to promote their publications and distribute their content. However, when doing so, you may face the fact that your emails are marked as Spam.

Spam, also known as Junk email, is an unsolicited bulk message sent through email, which may include phishing links from risky websites.

When sending email campaigns or sharing your publications to the reader's emails, it is necessary you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of the USA, even if you run a business outside the US.

Presented below are the key points from the CAN-SPAM Act:

1. Don't be misleading with your header information: From and Reply-to addresses must be your authentic and valid email addresses.

2. Do not use deceptive subject lines. The subject of the email must accurately reveal what the email is going to be about.

3. In case the email includes an advertisement, it is your due to explicitly inform the customer about it.

4. Your location must be no secret for the recipients. Let them know your P.O. box or physical address.

5. You must make it easy and clear for recipients to opt-out or unsubscribe. Note that the Unsubscribe must be a one-click link, which works for 30 days.

6. You must honor your opt-out requests promptly, with the maximum time frame of 10 working days.

7. In case you hire another company to handle your email marketing, it's still you who's responsible for what's done on your behalf. Make sure to manage and monitor your emails no matter who's helping you with email marketing.

These are the basic rules one should abide by when working with email marketing. Joomag does its best to provide you with all the necessary tools to comply with the law.

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