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What to do if your email campaign is not being sent

Sometimes Joomag publishers face an unexpected error when trying to send an email campaign. Now, let's understand why this happens.

You might think that you have done everything correctly while starting the campaign, but do not forget to check your email template content. The reason behind that error is that some restricted words may be used in the template, and, that's why the system blocks it from being sent. That is done for security purposes and to prevent Joomag readers from some publishers' spam activity.

Below, you can find the list of the restricted words and always make sure none of them is used in your email template:

  • payment

  • netflix

  • verification

  • notice

  • alert

  • amazon

  • notification

  • suspension

  • airbnb

  • gog

  • on hold

  • important information about your account

This information will help to prevent from facing suchlike error again!

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