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Setting up the product IDs for the custom apps

In case you have a custom app with paid publications in it, you need to set up product ID's for each issue of the publication both in your Joomag account and the Apple/Google consoles.

The ID’s for the first issue and the subscription are being set up in the consoles by our mobile team. In your Joomag account, the first setup will be done by our CS team.

After this, the products are sent to the stores' review.

Further, you need to do the setups in the consoles by yourself. See the instructions for each console below:

Google Play console:

1. Log into your Google Play Console and go to the All applications page.

2. Pick the corresponding app.

3. Go to the Store presence > In-app products then click the MANAGED PRODUCTS tab.

4. Click on the CREATE MANAGED PRODUCT button to create a new in-app product.

5. Add the Product ID for the new issue.

Here you need to add your Android unique identifier and simply change the ending to vol2, vol3, etc. for each issue.

6. Fill in the title and the description. This will be visible to your readers when they are in the checkout page.

7. Make the Status ACTIVE.

8. Further, you need to set up the price. For that, click on the Add a price button.

In the appearing pop-up, you will see the Default price row. The currency there will correspond to the currency of your Google account.

9. Set the price in that currency and see the automatically converted prices for other countries.

Warning: Don’t change the mentioned automatically converted prices.

10. Once the price is set, click on the Apply button.

11. When you're done click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

There is no need to make changes to the subscription in-app product, as it is already set up.

Apple Console:

To set up the Product ID’s for your further issues, follow the steps below:

1. Log into your App Store Connect and go to the My Apps section.

2. Choose the app where you wish to set the new issue.

3. Go to the Features section and choose the In-App Purchases.

4. Click the + icon to add a new in-app purchase.

5. Choose the Non-Consumable option, as you are setting the product for the single issue, and click on the Create button.

6. Set the Reference name and the Product ID for the issue.

They can have the same value in them: the unique identifier of the app, dot the volume name.

7. Set the correct tier to correspond to the price you chose on the desktop version.

8. In the Localizations, you need to set the info about the issue that will be visible to the readers in the checkout page.

Important: The Display Name can contain 30 symbols max, the Description - 45.

9. In the Review Information section, upload the file we attached to the message you get from our CS team. It is the general look of an issue in the app needed for the Apple review.

10. Once you finish, click the Submit for Review button.

That's it! The product will be sent to Apple for a review. After confirmation, it will appear in your app.

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