Search a standard campaign template

To launch a standard email campaign, you'll need to create an email template first. You may need to customize some of the templates you already have, and finding them may be quite challenging. Here's how you can search for a standard campaign template:

Note: You are supposed to be logged in to Joomag and be on the Joomag dashboard page.

1. Select the Email Marketing section from the left sidebar.

2. Go to the Email Templates tab.

3. In the Standard campaign templates section, you will see all the standard templates you have created.

Tip: If the number of your standard templates exceeds 8, use the Load more button to see more templates.

4. Enter the name of the template in the search box and press Enter (Macbook: return).

Note: In case you don't remember the whole name of the template, enter some letters or words that exist in the name of template you search.

There you are. Now you know how to search for a standard email template!

Joomag help: Learn also how to filter and sort Standard campaign templates.

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