Read Publications offline on Joomag Android app

In order to read the publication offline, you have to download it beforehand. You can save the publication for offline reading on the Joomag Android app in the following way:

1. From the Newsstand app open the publication you wish and wait for the loading to complete.

Important: In case the publication is paid you need to buy it first.

2. Open the menu on the left bottom part.

3. Add the publication to your library.

Note: A success message will appear saying that the publication has been added to your library.

4. Once added to the library, the publication can be saved on your device. Go ahead and click the download button. Depending on the publication size it may take some time to fully save the publication on your Android Joomag App.

5. Now, when offline, you should open the folder On This Device where the downloaded publications will be displayed.

Learn more about how to access the publications in My Library on the Joomag Android app.

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