Purchasing additional Active Readers package

Purchasing additional Active Readers package Alla Poghosyan

First of all, let's understand who are the active readers.

Unique people who opened your publications in the past 30 days are considered active readers. If the reader opens the publication on different devices or browsers but is logged in to the Joomag account s/he is considered one active reader. Otherwise, when someone opens the publication an individual unique identifier inside the publication URL is being attached to them which helps Joomag to distinguish the readers and provide you exact and accurate numbers in the Analytics.

Once you exceed the limit the following message appears:

Why would you need to see your active readers you will ask? Let's talk about the most valuable advantages:

  • To check the number of total and unique people who have opened your publications

  • See how many sessions or activities were performed

  • Understand how many pages were viewed during the selected date range

  • Export and present all the results to your potential or existing advertisers and much more

When you exceed the number of your allowed active readers the analytical data isn't accumulated and shown to you unless you increase the number, that is, purchase an additional active readers package.

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Note: Once you purchase the additional active readers package the billing cycle starts from that day and is being merged with your current active premium plan subscription cycle. Once your premium plan subscription renews the active readers package will be automatically renewed along with it.

You can directly increase the active readers package by contacting our Success Team

Or, perform these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Joomag account

  2. Open the Account settings ⚙ and go to the Billing section

  3. You will notice a red and full bar that indicates the limit has been exceeded

  4. Click the Contact Success Team button from your Joomag account to get in touch with us and activate the new package

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