Navigate through the Publication Viewer

In the viewer mode, you can navigate through the publication in any of the following ways:

Arrow keys

Use arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the pages. Here is what each arrow key means:

Left arrow key - Moves to the previous page
Right arrow key - Moves to the next page
Up arrow key - Moves to the first page
Down arrow key - Moves to the last page

Page arrows

In the viewer, you can find two types of arrows.

  • The ones located on the right and left sides of the publication help you move to the previous and next pages.


  • The ones located in the lower-right and lower-left corners of the viewer move you to the first and last pages of the publication.

Moves to the first page

Moves to the last page

Page Overview

You can use the Page Overview option in the following way:

1. Click the Content icon on the left sidebar.

2. Look through the pages of the publication and pick the one you need.

Note: If you don't see the icon there, it means the publisher disabled this functionality.

Search box

Use the panel at the lower-right corner of the Publication Viewer to jump to the page you want.

Enter the page number and press Enter (Mac: return) to open it.