Make your content available only in your member area

Let's imagine a scenario where you have a website that offers free/paid memberships to readers. If you are thinking about embedding your publications on your website and are concerned about their privacy and high-level protection, then you might be interested in the private embedding feature offered by Joomag. This feature allows you to protect your publications from being stolen and embedded elsewhere or accessed any other way rather than from your website, also you can make your embeds available for a certain audience or country depending on your goals.

Sounds great, right? Now let's see how the above-mentioned can be accomplished.

Note: The feature is available with the Enterprise plan only.

Let's assume that you have a ready collection that needs to be embedded on your website. Before actually embedding it you need to:

  1. Click on the Actions menu.

  2. Then open the Default settings.

  3. Scroll down to find the Privacy settings and click on it.

  4. Go to Where can this publication be embedded? setting.

  5. If you wish your embed to be accessible only from your website you need to choose Only on the sites I choose privacy option and specify your website link.

  6. It is also possible to add other website URLs as well by clicking on the plus sign.

  7. To make sure that your embedded content will be accessible only from the website you specify you can check Disable public links option. The latter option guarantees that your readers won't be able to open those publications from any other URL or browser.

  8. And finally, the cherry on top is the possibility of applying Country privacy settings to your embed

    1. Allow - specify the IP address of the visitor and your embedded publications will be available for the selected country

    2. Deny - specify the IP address and your embedded publication will not be available for the selected country

Now, once you are done with all the necessary setups you just need to get the embed code of your collection and place it on the backend of your website.

Important: The biggest advantage of embedding a collection is that on your website the latest live edition of your collection will be displayed automatically, which means you won't have to update codes manually each time you have a new publication.

The collection embedding options are as follows:

  1. Collection Cover

  2. Collection Viewer

  3. Bookshelf

In case you are embedding standalone publications, then the same steps should be performed but this time from the publication Privacy settings.