Keyboard shortcuts for the Crater Editor (for Windows)

The following keyboard shortcuts work in the Crater Editor:

Delete, Backspace - Deletes the selected element

Shift - Hold down the shift key to select multiple elements

←, ↑, →, ↓ - Moves the selected element

Ctrl + A, Ctrl + 1 (Numpad) - Selects all the elements

Ctrl + X - Cut

Ctrl + C - Copy

Ctrl + V - Paste

Ctrl + Z - Undo

Ctrl + Y - Redo

Shift - Locks the dragging direction vertically and horizontally

Ctrl + (Numpad) - Zoom in

Ctrl - (Numpad) - Zoom out

Pinch-to-zoom - Click anywhere on your working space then perform this gesture on your laptop trackpad to zoom in and out

Alt + mouse scroller - zoom in and zoom out your working space

Ctrl + 0 - Zooms out to the smallest zoom value

Ctrl + S - Save changes


Esc - Unselects element from the library when placing it

To duplicate the object in Crater Editor press Alt key while dragging the element.

To replace an image, slideshow, audio or video double-click on the element or click the element properties icon.

Learn more about keyboard shortcuts for the Crater Editor (for Mac).

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