Create and edit contact lists

Contact lists are the most important element for successful email campaigns. With your lists, you can promote your publications, send newsletters, and even turn contacts into active subscribers.

Note: You are supposed to be logged in to Joomag and be on the Joomag dashboard page.

Create a new contact list following these steps:

1. Click the CRM button on the left sidebar.

2. Select all the contacts you want to add to the list and click the Add to a new list button.

3. Pick a name and a color for your list, and click the Create button.

Tip: Pick a color that will help you identify the list and the contacts in it.

Done! You have created a new contact list.

Edit an existing list

Once you've created a list of contacts, you can edit it by clicking on the colored bubble next to the list's name and then selecting Edit list.

Learn more about deleting a contact list.

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