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Add or remove credit/debit cards from your reader account

Joomag provides its readers with a flexible system of payment methods meaning that you can add as many cards as you'd like and link your PayPal account as well.

Note: To buy single publications or subscriptions you need to have at least one valid payment method.

You can link your credit card to your account the following way:

1. From the top right dropdown menu select the Account settings option.

2. Go to the Payments tab.

3. Click the Add new method button.

4. Choose the Add debit or credit card option.

5. Fill in the required information and click Save this card.

Warning: The Save this card button will not be activated until you fill in the card information.

Done! Your card is now linked to your account.

Note: If this is the only payment method you have it will automatically be marked as Default.

Read more about the Default payment method here.

In case you want to delete this payment method, follow these steps:

1. Click the Setting icon on the right corner.

2. Click the Delete button.

3. Confirm the action by clicking the red Delete button.

There you are! Now you can both add and remove cards from your Joomag reader's account.