About filters

Filters provide you with an easier way to display contacts by specifying filter criteria. You can filter your contacts list by their subscription status. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Select CRM on the left sidebar.

2. Filter the contacts by the following statuses:

  • ALL CONTACTS: All the email addresses in your CRM regardless they are subscribers or not.

  • ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION: The contacts who, at least, have one active free subscription. For example, they have subscribed to your publications for free or you have sent them a complimentary subscription.

  • EXPIRED SUBSCRIPTION: The contacts who don't have an active subscription but have one or more expired subscriptions.

  • PENDING SUBSCRIPTION: The contacts who have not yet confirmed their subscription. This can happen if you sent complimentary (free) subscriptions to the readers, however, they haven't yet accepted it by clicking the link in the invitation email.

  • NO SUBSCRIPTION: The contacts who do not have any subscriptions.

  • PURCHASED SUBSCRIPTION: The contacts who have at least one active and paid subscription.

  • PURCHASED PUBLICATION: The contacts who have at least one purchased publication.

  • UNSUBSCRIBED FROM COLLECTION: Those subscribers that unsubscribed from your collections from their Joomag account Library

  • UNSUBSCRIBED: The contacts who have unsubscribed from the email campaigns.

  • UNSORTED: All those contacts that are not grouped in any of your lists, but, are in the ALL CONTACTS filter.

  • BOUNCED: All those contacts to whom the emails couldn't be delivered. Learn more about bounced emails in this article.

There is a toggle next to each filter (except for All Contacts) with Hide tooltip. With the toggle enabled, the filter is hidden from the list.

If there are any hidden filters, Show hidden button appears at the top of the filter list.

To see the hidden filters at the bottom of the list, click on the Show hidden button.

To hide the filters again, click on Do not show hidden button.

In case you want to bring the hidden filters back in the list, click on the Show toggle next to the filter.

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