When creating a publication by uploading a PDF file, you may encounter an atypical problem with blank right pages in the Edit mode. In this article, we'll understand why this happens and learn how to avoid the mentioned problem in the future.

So the issue with blank pages happens if there are both single and double-spread pages in the PDF file.

Important: To get the best experience and convert the PDF file into a digital publication properly it is highly recommended to upload single-spread PDFs.

To fix the problem you might want to use professional programs for PDF creating and editing or use a trusted online platform, for example, Sejda, to split the pages of your PDF file and upload it to Joomag. In case you have chosen to split the PDF online then

  1. Go to the online platform and upload your PDF file

  2. Choose Split vertically option and click Split button

  3. Once the PDF is split make sure to check all the pages and download the corrected file

Important: To avoid the abovementioned issue you might want to create a new publication from your edited PDF file instead of re-uploading it.

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