It is of utmost importance to measure the performance and popularity of your publications and the specific content that you add to them. Joomag Analytics takes care of that process entirely, but to get accurate data you will first of all need to choose the publications you need to see the statistical data for and select the needed period of time. Based on that the Analytics will show you the exact statistical data accumulated for desired publications in the selected period of time.

Note: Joomag Analytics covers 4 main metrics: Audience, Content, Behavior and Acquisition. You can apply filtration to all metrics at the same time or you can do that for each metric separately. Click here to learn more about Joomag Analytics.

Filtering the publications and collections

  1. Go to your Analytics

  2. Click Filter by field

    1. leave All Publications selected - you will see the statistics accumulated for all the publications you have created

    2. click All Publications - you will be able to choose the desired publications and collections for getting statistics on them

Selecting date range

  1. After choosing desired publications click on the calendar on the right upper side

  2. You can either choose the pre-defined period of time or manually define the date range using the navigation arrows of the calendar

Note: It is possible to filter data only for the 1-year range. If you need to get statistical data, let's say, for the past 3 years you can apply the date range filtration for each year separately: 05/05/2019-05/05/2020; 05/05/2020-05/05/2021; 05/05/2021-05/05/2022.

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