Sometimes after uploading your PDF file under your Joomag account you may notice that there are blank pages instead of the content in the Edit mode of your publication.

Let's understand why that's happening and resolve the problem together.

So the problem mainly happens when you upload a double-spread PDF file while for proper conversion we recommend uploading single-spread ones.

If you either have already uploaded the PDF file or are going to upload it make sure to split the pages before uploading the PDF and creating a new publication.

To split your PDF pages:

  1. You can either use your PDF creation program (Adobe Acrobat Pro or DC; Indesign, etc) or go to an online platform like this one

  2. Click the Upload PDF Files button

  3. Choose the PDF in question from your device and then choose the Split Vertically option

  4. Once the splitting process is over you will be taken to a screen where you can preview the ready file and download it!

Once you have the correct file go back to your Joomag account and either create a new publication from your PDF file or re-upload it instead of the previous one if you need to keep the URL.

Note: In case you choose the re-uploading option it is important to make sure the pages of the corrected PDF have the same dimensions as the previous one had.

You can always check the publication page sizes by clicking the Edit Settings button of the specific publication and opening the Pages tab:

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