The Advanced Search filter is a valuable tool that enables you to have a more targeted approach to searching through your contacts than the standard filters.

To use the advanced search, follow the steps below:

1. Click the CRM button on the left sidebar.

2. Click the Advanced Search button.

3. You can search for contacts according to the following criteria:

  • Collection name: Enter the collection name and see which contacts have access to that collection.

  • Subscription cycle: Your collections may have different subscription cycles. Specify the subscription period and see the contacts subscribed.

  • Has the words: When searching for the contact, you may not remember their exact name. However, you may remember what words or even letters the contact name contains. Enter that information and find the needed contact.

  • Campaign: Search the email campaigns you have sent out and see which contacts these campaigns were sent to.

  • Subscriber: Search for the email domain to see the contacts whos email contacts the searched domain

  • Location: Search for a specific location (country, city, state, address, etc) to see the contacts from the searched location

  • Date range: See the contacts and subscribers that appeared in your CRM withing a selected period of time

    • Select the date in the calendar

    • Click the arrow to specify the approximate time before and after the selected date to see all the contacts that appeared in your CRM

Tip: You can create a specific contact list with the advanced search results.

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