If you wish to embed the publication on your site which was created with Joomla, follow these steps:

1. From My Publications page open the collection you wish, choose the publication, and click the Embed button.

2. Go to the Joomla tab and use the corresponding code.

<a href=https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/yAj4gyNGev_6BKK5Jg1KOYflf5ipZ3pTfP2Jrh6lgEk/joomla.fw-llU.png"/>

Note: Keep in mind that you need to install the Joomag extension for Joomla.

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