In the publication viewer, you may come across different icons. You can enable and disable them following these steps:

  1. Click Actions menu

  2. Open the Viewer Settings

  3. You can show or hide all the icons by checking the boxes in the Main Settings

[video-to-gif output image]

Below are the icons of the Publication Viewer with their description.

Contents - Opens the Pages overview and Table of Contents panels to pick the page you want.

Text-Only - Shows only the texts of the pages, without any associated graphics or media files.

Search - Shows all the pages that contain the searched text.

Fullscreen - Opens the Publication Viewer in the full-screen mode.

Share - Allows to share the publication on social networks or copy the URL.

Download PDF - Downloads the PDF file of the publication.

Publications Panel - Shows all the publications of the collection.

Print Page(s) - Prints publication pages.

QR code - Shows the QR code for accessing the mobile version.




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