The text-only version contains the text of the publication with headings, hyperlinks, and text styles like bold/italic, etc., without any associated graphics or media files.

Note: The Text-only version is automatically extracted when you create a publication from PDF or add the texts manually.

The Text-only version makes your publications more accessible, moreover, it serves as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool for your publications and makes them more attractive to the search engines by indexing the pages according to the texts .

Customizing the Text-only version support for your publications

1. From My Publications page open the collection you wish and click the Text only button of your publication.

2. Make changes that you would like. Click the Apply page changes to save it. Just keep in mind that you need to customize texts for each page of your publication separately.

3. If you want to revert the page to its previous state, click the Discard page changes button.

4. Click the Save and close button when you are done.

Important: Do not forget to enable the Text-only version in the Viewer.

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