With the help of Access sharing automation, you can automate the process of access granting to the publications of this collection for chosen contacts.

1. From the My Publications page open the collection you wish and click the Default Settings button from the Actions tab.

2. Scroll down the Access Sharing Automation section and activate the Automatic Access Granting.

3. Fill in or choose the name of the previously created list(s) or contact(s) from the dropdown menu.

Note: contacts who already have access will not be notified.

4. Check the box Automatically notify contact(s) via email if you want to notify your readers.

Note: the system will automatically grant access to any paid publication that you created as well as those publications that have privacy option set to "Only People I Choose". Those publications that have privacy option set to "Only People With Password" will still require the password to access.

5. Click Save and close when you are done.

That's it!

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