The following keyboard shortcuts work in the Crater Editor:

Delete, Backspace - Deletes the selected element

Shift - Hold down the shift key to select multiple elements

←, ↑, →, ↓ - Moves the selected element

Ctrl + A, Ctrl + 1 (Numpad) - Selects all the elements

Ctrl + X - Cut

Ctrl + C - Copy

Ctrl + V - Paste

Ctrl + Z - Undo

Ctrl + Y - Redo

Shift - Locks the dragging direction vertically and horizontally

Ctrl + (Numpad) - Zoom in

Ctrl - (Numpad) - Zoom out

Pinch-to-zoom - Click anywhere on your working space then perform this gesture on your laptop trackpad to zoom in and out

Alt + mouse scroller - zoom in and zoom out your working space

Ctrl + 0 - Zooms out to the smallest zoom value

Ctrl + S - Save changes


Esc - Unselects element from the library when placing it

To duplicate the object in Crater Editor press Alt key while dragging the element.

[video-to-gif output image]

To replace an image, slideshow, audio or video double-click on the element or click the element properties icon.

Learn more about keyboard shortcuts for the Crater Editor (for Mac).

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